5 Reasons you should book your next dog portrait session.

When you book a professional pet photoshoot it ensures you have beautiful high quality photographs of your pet that will stand the test of time, as well as being a fun and memorable experience for you and your pet.

Believe it or not, being a pet photographer isn't just playing with puppies all day! (Although that definitely is a perk!) There are lots of elements that come together to ensure you leave with images you truly love, which makes pet photography a worthwhile investment.

Here are some reasons that make professional pet photography a worthwhile investment:

1. The puppy stage is very short

We all wish our dogs could stay puppies forever. But truth is, those playful cuddly puppies grow up fast!

tendon ponds park ny

Great Dane at Mendon Ponds Park NY

2. Pets don't last forever

As heartbreaking as this sounds it's the truth. What will you have of them when they're gone? 1000 iPhone pictures that will probably stay on your phone and not get printed. Many of my clients from The Tilly Project are booking end-of-life sessions for their pets. It’s great to get those photo opportunities in before it’s too late, but why not get those pictures while they’re still strong and healthy.

Check out this link for more information on the Tilly project: https://www.thetillyproject.org/

3. Your pet is a part of your family

We all get professional pictures with our spouses or families. Why not honor your family pet with a quality photo shoot as well? Just imagine the action shots, the cute poses, and the expressions framed perfectly on your wall.

4. Photography takes skill

You might take some great photos, but they still won’t have the professional touch to them. A professional career pet photographer has the training, equipment, experience, materials, and supplies to produce museum gallery-quality portraits. The professional photographer will not only provide you with images that you never thought possible but will shoot thinking about colors and composition. Also, professional lenses are able to capture the light and details that no point-and-shoot camera or iPhone can. Plus, a skilled pet photographer will take care of fine-tuning the image: removing eye boogers, removing the leash from the photo, removing people in the background, enhancing the fur details, the colors, etc.

Australian labradoodle at Mendon Ponds Park

5. Memories are priceless

Pet photography is a bit of a luxury, but once you capture those moments with your friend, you’ll have them forever and will have no doubt of their worth. We all return to photos from time to time when we feel nostalgic: photos of when we were kids, when we had that trip to the Grand Canyon with all the family, the Christmas evening when Grandpa was still with us, our wedding day. Photos immortalize that moment in time, that split second that will no longer be with us. They grow up with us, and they share every day with us and our kids, so it's very important to have their presence in our lives documented. Pets are very much our family, and family in any form is a treasure.

Of course, you’ll still want to take your own photos when the right moment strikes, but for the purpose of creating art and important keepsakes, only a professional pet photographer can deliver the quality you desire.

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