My Ideal Getting Ready Timeline

I am often asked by my brides how much time a photographer needs for getting ready photos. Of course, every photographer is different, so I will mostly be speaking from my own experience. I encourage you to ask your photographer how much time they need. Some want two hours and others might only want 45 minutes.

My Getting Ready Timeline;

  • I like to arrive at least 1 Hour before Hair& make-up are finished. During this time I will take bridal details and spend the time to style them beautifully. 
  • Some think that they might not need getting ready pictures but as a photographer, this helps us get our creative juices flowing without rushing.
  • Right after hair and make-up are finished I love to shoot candids of the bride and her friends. ( extra bonus if they have champagne to toast).
  • 30 minutes after hair and makeup is over. I photograph the bride getting into her gown. I like to schedule about 20 minutes of time from when the bride begins to get into her gown until the first look.

In total, I request that I have about 2 hours for getting ready pictures before the first look. This gives me plenty of time to take gorgeous detailed photos.

What I shoot during Getting Ready Photos

When I arrive I start off by taking detailed shots of lay flats. Styling these beautiful lay flats take time. I cannot stress the time enough that it takes to do this. It is not only very important to the bride and I but magazine publications and blogs I submit too.

After the bride is down with her hair and makeup, I start taking candid pictures of her and her friends. This is the perfect time for a Champagne toast before the bride gets into her dress. During this time there are so many genuine moments and emotions that brides love seeing in their final gallery.