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Born and raised in Brockport, New York. I first picked up a camera at the early age of 12- Influenced by Horses& Lifestyle Photography. Growing up with the rise of social media and digital technology enabled me to gain a bigger perspective of the industry.

Currently residing in Honeoye, NY, and traveling for assignments regularly, working in New York State and surrounding states. Whether it be pet-related pictures or a rustic farm wedding, I truly enjoy taking pictures of everything.

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I never started my business with dreams of it becoming what it is today. I just pursued what I loved and paid attention to how my passion and my purpose could be intertwined.


My journey as an entrepreneur started when I was 15 and I wanted to have my very own horse. Every little girl's dream! I started making blinged-out horse tack, selling it on Etsy and to my Equestrian friends. Being able to take a natural gift and turn it into a profit created a spark that got me hooked. I was an avid hunter/ jumper rider as a kid and owned an off-the-track thoroughbred. My best friend and I would take pictures and videos at the farm to post on social media platforms. It became a huge hit and I started to grow a large following of over 12k followers.

I have owned cameras since I was a young girl and have always thought of photography as a hobby that I enjoyed. In 2020 while I was working full-time at a local law firm, I started up Lydia Anne Photography and was doing portrait sessions on weekends and after work. In Early 2022, my mother fractured her hip and during her surgery, she suffered a minor stroke. I had to take some time away from my full-time job at the firm to care for my mother. At this time I decided to take the leap into doing my Passion Full time. I had no idea I would ever become a photographer until I became one. I didn't dream of this as a career my entire life. I thought I was going to become a real estate agent but life truly guided me into my career path today. I currently still run my horse tack business (Blazzing Bridles) as well as doing my photography business full time. I genuinely care for all my clients and being more than a hired hand. I want my business to leave an imprint on all those that I have the opportunity to serve!

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Food: Cheese | Store: TJ Max | Heels or Flats: Crocs? |

Music: Country |Color: Blue |Season: Fall| Drink: Mountain Dew

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